16 Amazingly Colorful Birds

Here are the most colorful birds one should see at least once in a lifetime.

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Mandarin Duck
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 Scarlet Macaw
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Green violetear
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  Golden Pheasant
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American Goldfinch
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Australian King Parrot
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California Quail
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Stork-billed Kingfisher
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Gouldian finch
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Golden-breasted starling
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Red-crested Turaco
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Himalayan Monal Pheasant
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Vulturine Guineafowl
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The Most Perfectly Timed Photos of 2013

timed photo

Amazingly timed pictures that may require a 2nd look!

The 10 Most Dangerous Animals In Australia

Australia is home to many of the most dangerous creatures on the planet including snakes, spiders, sharks, crocodiles and jellyfish. If you are unlucky enough to get bitten, eaten or stung by one of these animals you could be dead within minutes.

It is however rare for this to happen and for many of these creatures in the list below there are very good treatments available.

Australia is one of the most diverse and beautiful places on Earth and a huge part of what makes it so interesting is its fauna.

Australia's Top Ten Deadliest Animals

This infographic was created by Rent a Cheapy

Pets & Kids - Not So Different

Zoo Lujan, Argentina - Intimate Contact with the Giants

Located just outside Buenos Aires, Argentina, Lujan Zoo provides zoogoers the opportunity to bottle feed a bear, cuddle a tiger, or rub noses with a lion, and, if these pictures are accurate, walk away un-mauled. While many visitors assert the animals are clearly drugged, the zoo insists the tameness is entirely natural, a product of raising each cub from birth and teaching them to be calm, permissive, and uninterested in eating humans.

Zoo Lujan, Argentina - Intimate Contact with the Giants 01

Zoo Lujan, Argentina - Intimate Contact with the Giants 02

Zoo Lujan, Argentina - Intimate Contact with the Giants 03

Zoo Lujan, Argentina - Intimate Contact with the Giants 04

Zoo Lujan, Argentina - Intimate Contact with the Giants 05

Zoo Lujan, Argentina - Intimate Contact with the Giants 06

Zoo Lujan, Argentina - Intimate Contact with the Giants 07

Zoo Lujan, Argentina - Intimate Contact with the Giants 09

Source: grindtv.com / Images source: Zoo De Lujan Con Las Superguias

Cat Photobomb


(thanks Sara)

See more funny animal photobombs.

Gorilla Dance! [VIDEO]

(thanks Pedro)

Why Cats are Better than Men [INFOGRAPHIC]

18 Animals That Are Definitely Secretly Pokémon

Remember, Pokémon are as real as we believe they are, okay? [Via BuzzFeed]

1. Pikachu = Quokka

Pikachu = Quokka

Source: creativeuncut.com  /  via: deathandtaxesmag.wpengine.netdna-cdn.com

2. Squirtle = Turtle (duh)

Squirtle = Turtle (duh)

Source: fc08.deviantart.net  /  via: 3.bp.blogspot.com

3. Caterpie = Caterpillar (also duh)

Caterpie = Caterpillar (also duh)

Source: archives.bulbagarden.net  /  via: fc00.deviantart.net

4. Charmander = Salamander*

Charmander = Salamander*

*Do not light on fire

Source: cdn.obsidianportal.com  /  via: chriskaylerphotography.com

5. Pidgey = Sparrow

Pidgey = Sparrow

Source: img.pokemondb.net  /  via: brotherpeacemaker.files.wordpress.com

6. Rattata = Rat

Rattata = Rat

Source: oyster.ignimgs.com  /  via: tootinglife.com

7. Ekans = Snake (E-K-A-N-S = S-N-A-K-E)

Ekans = Snake (E-K-A-N-S = S-N-A-K-E)

Source: pokemon.neoseeker.com  /  via: media

8. Sad Meowth = Sad Cat

Sad Meowth = Sad Cat

Source: fc07.deviantart.net  /  via: 1.bp.blogspot.com

9. Ponyta = Pony*

Ponyta = Pony*

*Also, do not light on fire.

Source: pldh.net  /  via: s0.geograph.org.uk

10. Kangaskhan = Kangaroo

Kangaskhan = Kangaroo

Source: creativeuncut.com  /  via: kangaroos.org

11. Horsea = Seahorse (get it?)

Horsea = Seahorse (get it?)

Source: i543.photobucket.com  /  via: farm4.static.flickr.com

12. Rhyhorn = Rhinoceros

Rhyhorn = Rhinoceros

Source: images2.wikia.nocookie.net  /  via: advocacy.britannica.com

13. Drowzee = Tapir

Drowzee = Tapir

Source: dltk-kids.com  /  via: washingtonpost.com

14. Sandshrew = Pangolin

Sandshrew = Pangolin

Source: gtsplus.net  /  via: s13.photobucket.com

15. Eevee = Fennec Fox

Eevee = Fennec Fox

Source: faqsmedia.ign.com  /  via: www2.gamma.uk.com

16. Krabby = Crab (Ohhhhhhhhh)

Krabby = Crab (Ohhhhhhhhh)

Source: images4.wikia.nocookie.net  /  via: farm3.static.flickr.com

17. Snorlax = A Bear Saying Hello

Snorlax = A Bear Saying Hello

Source: i243.photobucket.com  /  via: 1.media.collegehumor.cvcdn.com

18. Mewtwo = This Horrible, Disgusting Cat

Mewtwo = This Horrible, Disgusting Cat

Source: upload.wikimedia.org  /  via: alchemy-cats.webs.com

[Via BuzzFeed]

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