Einstein - The Smallest Horse In The World?

0 I am captured by the teeniest wee horse on the planet, Einstein, measuring all of 14 inches and six pounds at birth April 22.

This pint-size pinto is a perfectly proportioned horse and was born at the Tiz A Miniature Horse Farm in Barnstead, N.H. to breeder Judy Smith. The tiny foal is owned by Dr. Rachel Wagner, a family practice physician, and her husband Charles Cantrell, a music producer, who live in Bellingham, Wash., but summer in N.H. This mini-stallion could be a contender for the Guinness World Book of Records since the title of smallest horse is currently held by Thumbelina, a chestnut mare born in 2001 who was 11 inches and 8.5 pounds at birth.

"So we have this little foal that was born here on this miniature horse farm that set the Guinness World Record for smallest baby horse," says Wagner. "He's very perfect-looking little boy, not dwarfy at all."

Einstein is about the size of a toy poodle. Not a preemie, Einstein was born three days after his due date to a miniature white mare, according to the Concord Monitor. He has a white with black face, black ears and black spots on his side. He loves to be scratched on the back of the neck, but not on the rump and frolics freely outside of the red barn where he lives.

"It's been exciting with the whole world being interested," says breeder Smith. "That was a surprise too. We knew he was tiny — and really tiny — but only after I started sharing with others the facts about his size and pictures did I stop to think how tiny he was. The phone has been ringing off the hook."

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Photo: AP / Judy Smith

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