Cute Christmas Creatures

It seems as if the animal kingdom's getting into the Christmas spirit as much as we are! From merry meerkats to festive felines, our gallery of cute creatures has them all.

Check out our festive gallery of furry friends!


Purr-fect Christmas

Cute-Christmas-Creatures-01AP Photo/Petar Petrov

This cat can't wait to snuggle by the fire on Christmas morn.


Cheery chihuahuas

Cute-Christmas-Creatures-02© Thierry Roge / Reuters

Looks as though one of these chihuahuas is eyeing up a tasty Christmas treat off camera. Might help take his mind off his embarrassing costume for a while!


Lion gets stuck!

Cute-Christmas-Creatures-03REUTERS/Tim Wimborne

Uh-oh! Looks as if this lion's got herself into a spot of bother. There's such a thing as being too keen to get your presents, you know.


Meerkat mayhem

Cute-Christmas-Creatures-04AP Photo/Matt Dunham

This silly meerkat just can't quite work out how to pull a cracker. Let's just hope the joke inside is worth the trouble!


Stocking filler

Cute-Christmas-Creatures-05© Sergei Karpukhin / Reuters

If ever there were a rodent who loves Christmas, it's this one.


Presents for panda?

Cute-Christmas-Creatures-06© Stringer Shanghai / Reuters

Cheer up, panda - Santa's coming soon!


Leopard lends a hand

Cute-Christmas-Creatures-07AP Photo/CTK, Alexandra Mlejnkova

This little leopard loves to lend a helping hand (or should I say paw!) when her zoo prepares for Christmas.


Hungry elephant

Cute-Christmas-Creatures-08AP Photo/Matthias Rietschel

Seems like Christmas dinner wasn't quite enough to satisfy this elephant's appetite!


Biscuit-loving bear

Cute-Christmas-Creatures-09BOB COUEY; AP Photo

Gingerbread men made a nice change from raw fish for this hungry polar bear.


Snowman gets a roar deal

Cute-Christmas-Creatures-10AP Photo/Marcio Jose Sanchez

And you thought melting was the only thing snowmen had to worry about!


Monkey gets a present

Cute-Christmas-Creatures-11AP Photo/Lee Jin-man

This cute monkey couldn't wait to see what Santa had brought him.


Cantankerous Christmas cat

Cute-Christmas-Creatures-12AP Photo/Karel Navarro

This cat doesn't seem particularly pleased with his Santa outfit, but we think he looks very smart!


Winter Whippet

Cute-Christmas-Creatures-13© STR New / Reuters

Whippet's reindeer disguise was fooling no-one.


Santa's littlest helper

Cute-Christmas-Creatures-14© Erin Siegal / Reuters

Budget cutbacks meant Santa had to come up with some imaginitive staffing solutions.


Kalahari Christmas

Cute-Christmas-Creatures-15© Tim Wimborne / Reuters

Living in the desert didn't stop this meerkat getting into a festive mood!


Pampered pooch

Cute-Christmas-Creatures-16AP Photo/Moti Milrod

This puffy-tailed pooch looks very elegant in her Christmas cape.


Neck The Halls!

Cute-Christmas-Creatures-17AP Photo/Paul Miller

There was only one animal in the zoo tall enough to decorate this tree!


Festive friend

Cute-Christmas-Creatures-18AP Photo/Karel Navarro

This little Guinea pig looks very jolly in his Christmas outfit.


Merry marsupial

Cute-Christmas-Creatures-19AP Photo/Steve Holland

This little girl couldn't wait to give her new best friend a Christmas gift.


Christmas bells are swinging!

Cute-Christmas-Creatures-20AP Photo/Lee Jin-man

You'll be sure to be out of bed early on Christmas morn with this cheeky monkey making a racket!


Cheery chimp

Cute-Christmas-Creatures-21© Cheryl Ravelo / Reuters

This festive ape has been having a little too much fun with his Christmas box.


Pup and away!

Cute-Christmas-Creatures-22AP Photo/Gene J. Puskar

Looks like this little pug won't be using his nose to drive Santa's sleigh tonight!


Curious Christmas bear

Cute-Christmas-Creatures-23AP Photo/Natacha Pisarenko

This creature couldn't bear taking her eyes of her Christmas decorations.


Cosy canine

Cute-Christmas-Creatures-24AP Photo/Aaron Favila

This little mutt has found an inventive way of keeping out of the cold.


Polar present

Cute-Christmas-Creatures-25© STR New / Reuters

This bear was super excited to get his Christmas gift.


Mirthful monkey

Cute-Christmas-Creatures-26© Cheryl Ravelo / Reuters

This pleased primate couldn't be happier that it's Christmas.


Canine catwalk

Cute-Christmas-Creatures-27AARON FAVILA; AP Photo

These designer dogs show off the latest in festive fashion.


Subaquatic Santa

Cute-Christmas-Creatures-28AP Photo/Al Behrma

In a rare underwater delivery, Santa had to use an imaginative alternative to reindeer.


Snowy Joey

Cute-Christmas-Creatures-29Newspix / Rex Features

This baby kangaroo looks adorable in his winter warmers and is jumping for joy at receiving a juicy apple for Christmas.


Champagne Kitty

Cute-Christmas-Creatures-30DAVID MCENERY / Rex Features

Dad was surprised when he found out who was responsible for drinking all his Christmas booze.


Merry Micro Pigs

Cute-Christmas-Creatures-31Geoffrey Robinson / Rex Features

No, you're not going crackers - those pigs really are that small!


Perky Penguin

Cute-Christmas-Creatures-32KPA/Zuma / Rex Features

This penguin doesn't look impressed with his suggestively placed bobbles.


Froggy fairy lights

Cute-Christmas-Creatures-33Caters News Agency Ltd / Rex Features

Despite appearances, this frog can't have been feeling too bright after swallowing a Christmas light!


Merry Christmas!

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