7 Unique Valentine's Day Gifts for Pets

It's February! Whether you love to spoil your dog or the dog lovers in your life, here are seven creative ways to say Happy Valentine's Day in 2013. From dog hats to dog treats to dog art, here are our suggestions for unique and fun presents that you can't go wrong with.


1. Sweethoots Handmade Hats


Crochet Dog Hats ($18) make a great Valentine's Day gift. This one shouts, “Sweetheart, Be Mine” and I dare you to look at the entire photo gallery of doggie bonnets and try not to laugh. Can’t be done! Choices range from Little Sailor Girl with a big red bow to a green Star Wars Yoda dog hat. There are big frog eyes hats, Shrek pet hats and gnome hats. Too funny and too adorable for words. You must go take a peek. All hats are made to order. Check them out on Facebook at Sweethoots.


2. Shorty's All Natural Valentine’s Day Gift Basket


Treat your lovebug to treats. Shorty’s “Lots of Love” Gift Baskets ($25) come with 12 carob dipped hearts, six Valentine pretzels, six little bit of romance sandwich cookies, six mini hanging hearts and six big smooch lip cookies. All doggie treats are decorated with yogurt or carob and natural veggie food coloring — no salt, sugar, artificial colors or flavors, no byproducts nor preservatives. The pet treats baskets come vacuum-sealed and certified by the Health Department of California. All dog treat gift baskets are made to order and shipped out pronto to lock in freshness.


3. Dreamz Trundle 3-Way Pet Bed


Dreamz Trundle 3-Way Pet Bed ($35 and up) is an all-in-one snuggly wuggly doggie bed. Try the Tiger Dreamz or other patterns in many colors — beds, mats, crate pads, throws and blankets available on Amazon. The throws are sized to fit most crates. This is a great Valentine’s Day gift for pets who love to burrow or cuddle. The fabric furniture can be bunched up as a nest, laid out like a tunnel, or stretched flat like a mat. Tiger Dreamz products are machine washable in warm or cool water, dryer safe but don't use heat. Air or line dry to keep the fur beautiful. Available at favoritepetproducts.com.


4. Cat Lovers Crafts Book


Crafting with Cat Hair: Cute Handicrafts to Make with Your Cat (under $10) This is for those who’d love to make quirky, one-of-a-kind eco-friendly knick-knacks. This animal crafts book shows how to transform stray clumps of fur into kitty tote bags, finger puppets, fluffy cat toys and more. All projects are cat-friendly and need no special equipment. Most projects can be made in under an hour. Publishers Weekly said, “Yes, you read correctly: cat hair is the principal material involved in this craft. And no, no cats were harmed in the making of the book.”


5. Valentine’s Day 30% Off Sale for Miniature Animal Art


Miniature Animal Art Gifts by Melody Lea Lamb are 30% off now through February 28 if you use code: 4LOVE. Pet lover Valentine gift ideas include Happy Valentine's Day cards, pendants, prints, bookmarks, magnets and more. All beautifully painted and sure to charm anyone with animal amore. Choose from an assortment of art objects featuring dogs, cats, deer, rabbits, and birds. You can feel good about buying from this artist because she is a year-round animal advocate.


6. Natural Pet Spa and Wellness Presents for a Cause


Royal Pet Club is having a February pet special. For this month only, all orders of $50 or more receive a 10% discount and $5 will automatically be donated to animal aid when you use code: MiracleRanch. Pet products include all natural shampoos, conditioners, bath spritzes, tearless wipes and vitamin supplements. Everything has been custom designed and specially formulated for promoting your pooch’s health.


7. Custom Pet Portraits


So many faces, so many options! For a picture perfect painting, you’ll want Pet Portraits by Beth Weiner Lipson (shown here). For a whimsical wish list there’s Beccavision marker masterpieces. If a realistic rendering is what you’re after you’ll want a graphite pencil portrayal made with love by Schlueter Art Works. Prices vary.


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