No more photos please for this camera shy bear

It’s been a hard day in front of the camera . . . and this young bear has clearly had enough of posing.

The bear, weary after a day of being photographed fishing and eating, simply closed his eyes and covered his face.

He was pictured in remote Kamchatka, in Russia’s far east, by wildlife photographer Yury Sorokin, who got within a few feet of the animal.

No more photos please for this camera shy bear 01Cute: This is the adorable moment a bashful bear tried to hide from the camera after a hard day posing for pictures

The 33-year-old, from Moscow, was just a couple of metres away when the camera shy bear decided he’d had enough and closed his eyes before covering his face with his paw.

Mr Sorokin said: 'The bear was fishing for red salmon in the lake and after eating a substantial dinner decided to have a rest in the sun.

'I think it was at that point that he decided enough was enough.

'He’d hardly paid any attention to me all day but once he’d exhausted himself and filled his belly I guess he just wanted to relax on his own without me taking pictures.

No more photos please for this camera shy bear 02On camera: Photographer Yury Sorokin spent the day watching the playful bear hunt and eat

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